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About Us

Kitty Paws was founded by a mom and daughter duo during the Pandemic of 2020. Inspired to start a business by one of her Girl Scout Sisters who had became an entrepreneur the year before, B.Kitty had been trying out a few ideas over the months leading up to the start of the Pandemic.

A few weeks into being home full time mom realized that B.Kitty was painting her nails even more than before. B.Kitty was getting better and better at painting and more and more creative about clean up and finishing touches. The icing on the cake was that due to not being being able to attend in-person school, B.Kitty could keep the fun art she created on her nails even longer since she didn't have the restriction that prohibits colorful polish at school.

The whole family could see the spark of energy and joy that B.Kitty got whenever she would show off her new nails that she had crafted.  It became obvious that with that kind of passion, starting a nail care product line would be the perfect business for B.Kitty!!

About Us: About Us
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CEO & Creative Director

As our Kid CEO and Creative Director, B.Kitty gets to have a hands on approach to learning about what it takes to own a business, while putting these lessons to use as she helps to execute her vision.

When she is not painting her nails or running her business B.Kitty is planning, filming, and editing content for her YouTube Page, B.Kitty's Creative World.  She also loves Gymnastics, Tennis, Track, Girl Scouts, Math, Gaming, and traveling.

Kendra (Kitty Mama)

President, COO

Mama Cat gets to enjoy working with her daughters and instilling in them solid business acumen to help them reach success in all that they do!

When not operating the business or finding new experiences for her family to enjoy, Kendra works in the IT Industry & as a Career Coach. She is also Community Servant, devoting her time as a Girl Scout Troop Leader, Organizer and Moderator of a community mommy group, active member of the schools PTA, and Board Member of two community based non-profits.

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